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The continuously increasing cost of electricity is providing the opportunity to consider the merits of installing a Solar Power System on your roof and produce your own power at as low as 3 cents/kWh

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Recent client case studies show a Payback Period for a Commercial Solar Power System is as low as 3 years.
Sun Brilliance provides complete energy solutions from Energy Audits to Solar Power System Design, Engineering, Installation and Commissioning of commercial solar power systems on the roof of factories, warehouses, supermarkets, etc.

How a Commercial Solar Power System Works?

The solar photovoltaic (PV) process converts solar energy – the most abundant energy source on the planet – directly into electrici-ty. Solar PV modules are designed to capture the solar radiation and convert it from radiation directly into electricity. They produce clean energy without emissions into the environment and hence are much sought after as a renewable alternative to fossil-fuel power generation. Further, as there is no moving part or mechanical component, a solar PV system is almost maintenance free.
Large-scale solar PV power plants are connected to the grid and feed the generated power to the grid though the inverters without using any energy storage medium.

Commercial Solar Power Systems are categorized in the following three main categories:

Small Size Solar Power Systems up to 30 kW Capacity

The Solar Power Systems from 6 kW to 30 kW capacities fall under small systems category. These systems are suitable for those customers whose power consumption is 150 kW per day or 54,750 kWh per year. Small businesses such as Dentistry, Medical Cen-

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