Lithium-Ion Batteries Manufacturing Plant

Sun Brilliance Pty Ltd is envisaging setting up of a Mega 40 GWh Lithium-Ion Batteries Components (Cathodes, Anodes & Electrolyte) Manufacturing Facility in Western Australia.

The rapid uptake of electric vehicles and battery-based energy storage systems across the world is driving global demand for lithium-ion batteries.

The new energy revolution and accelerating growth in demand for lithium-ion batteries provides a wonderful opportunity to set up a Mega Integrated Lithium-Ion Battery ManufacturingFacility in Western Australia. As the world’s largest producer of lithium, with mineral reserves covering 90 per cent of the elements required in lithium-ion battery chemistry, Western Australia has undeniable competitive advantages as Australia needs to move beyond traditional minerals extraction and exports into downstream manufacturing and associated industries.

The Promoters:

Sun Brilliance Pty Ltd through its subsidiary company “Dilasi Lithium Batteries Pty Ltd” (under registration) will develop and own the project.


Project Objectives:

It is envisaged to set up the World-Class Fully Automated Manufacturing Facility:

  1. To produce Lithium Batteries Components: Anode, Cathode and Electrolytes
  2. To export 100% production to China, India, South Korea and other countries
  3. To buy-back Li-Ion Cells for packaging into the batteries for the local Australian market

Project Pre-feasibility Study

The project pre-feasibility study was conducted to examine the demand of Lithium-Ion Batteries globally, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, technology & manufacturing processes, availability of raw materials, site assessment, cost of the manufacturing facility, international competition, new jobs creation, government supports, etc. The project is technically and commercially viable.

Project Site

Sun Brilliance is currently negotiating 92 ha of land in the Lithium Valley in Kwinana Industrial Area, Perth.

Availability of Raw Materials

Western Australia meets 60% world’s requirement of Lithium as well as produces Lithium Hydroxide. In addition, there are 9 out of the 10 materials used in the manufacturing of Lithium-Ion Batteries available in the State. Therefore, Western Australia offers an ample opportunity to set up a Mega Integrated Lithium-Ion Batteries manufacturing facility in the Lithium Valley in Kwinana.

The Company is negotiating the purchase of Lithium Hydroxide on a long-term basis to secure the basic raw material used in the manufacturing.

Means of Finance: Total Project Cost – A$2,885 M

The Company will raise equity, organise the government support and arrange debt for the project in the following manner:

  • Govt Grant: A$200 M (Negotiations underway with Australian & WA Govt)
  • Equity to be raised: A$521 M (Capital Raising through a Singaporean firm)
  • Bank Loan: A$2,164 M (Negotiations underway with CEFC & ANZ Bank)

Sun Brilliance is negotiating equity invest with a few investors who have also registered their interest to buy the Batteries Components (Anodes, Cathodes and Electrolyte) on a long term basis for their Lithium-Ion Sells manufacturing factories. Discussions are also in progress with the local banks for A$2,164 M commercial loan at around 3% interest rate.

Project Location – Lithium Valley, Kwinana

Located in the Western Trade Coast of Western Australia at Kwinana, Lithium Valley is the premiere global industry cluster focussed on the secondary and tertiary processing of lithium and other battery metals. Lithium Valley positions Western Australia as the global leader for supply of quality energy metals products for years to come.

Deepwater port, rail, road and air access combined with abundant, renewable and reliable energy resources make Kwinana a preferred site for setting of the integrated Lithium-Ion Battery manufacturing plant.