Sun Brilliance has a strong history in Australia and has now established in India. Sun Brilliance provides Commercial and Residential Solar Power Systems, Solar Water Heaters, LEDs, Solar Powered Bio-Toilets and a range of Energy Storage Solutions



Why buy expensive power when you can make use of free energy from the Sun?

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Daya Solar Powered Bio-Toilets for Rural India

100% Depreciation on $20,000 purchase.

Sun Brilliance to build Australia’s biggest solar farm by output at Cunderdin 158 km east of Perth


Solar Power Systems

  • Save up to 90% on Power Bills
  • Up to 50% STCs Rebate in Australia
  • Feed Surplus Power to Grid and Earn
  • Tax Savings through Accelerated Depreciation for Business
  • Payback Period as low as 2.5 years for Business, 4 years for Residential
  • FREE Solar Power after you pay off your System

Store surplus power with our battery solutions for guaranteed, uninterruptible 24/7 power.

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Water Heaters & LEDs

Solar Water Heaters save a huge amount of electricity or gas for the residential and commercial water heating. Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heaters are more efficient and easy to install.

The LEDs are a better way to bring to life as they make a big leap over conventional bulbs and fluorescent tube lights. The LEDs have long life of up to 10,000 hours and are energy efficient as they save up to 80% of power.

Sun Brilliance India

In June Sun Brilliance Group opened its subsidiary Company “Sun Brilliance Energy (India) Pvt Ltd” to serve India’s rapidly growing solar power market.

We’ve assembled a group of professionals with Solar Energy, Electrical, Chemical Engineering, Physics and Business backgrounds. The Team is experienced and internationally-recognised, who have extensive experience and extraordinary knowledge of the Solar/Renewable Energy sector.

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