Daya Solar Powered Bio-Toilets is a concept designed and developed by Dr Dilawar Singh.

  • Unique Design – Fixed, Mobile or Potable Designs
  • Suitable for families, schools or communities in the villages & cities
  • Bio-digester Technology – no septic tank or sewage line required
  • Environment friendly – way to treat solid waste
  • Convert the human wastes into usable water and bio-gas
  • Solar Power for pumping water for flushing the toilets and providing light
  • Low cost – value for money
  • Available in different materials and colours

Why Solar Powered Toilets?

  • Solar Powered Toilets deliver water for flushing the toilets and electric lights to use the toilets.
  • A Toilet Complex of 6 toilets could cater the requirement village population of 600 people.
  • The Toilet Complex could be constructed within 30 days by using local materials including bricks, cement, iron, solar panels, pump and lights available in the nearby towns.
  • Alternatively, a pre-fabricated Toilet Complex along with Bio-digester could be transported to the site and assembled and commissioned within 15 days.
  • Bio-Digesters do not require a sewage-line connection or additional septic tank for disposal of black water or waste from the toilets. The Bio digester technology is completely Eco-Friendly and Green.

Daya Solar Powered Bio-Toilets have the following features:

♦ 100% Sludge – Free Disposal of Human Waste / Eliminates need for Manual Scavenging

♦ Complete elimination of pathogens and 100% hazard free

♦ There is no requirement of connecting it to the sewage line or septic tank.