Sun Brilliance develops Solar Power Projects, Commercial Solar Power Systems and provides and a range of Energy Storage Solutions 

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Daya Solar Powered Bio-Toilets for Rural India

100% Depreciation on $20,000 purchase.

Sun Brilliance to build Australia’s biggest solar farm by output at Cunderdin 158 km east of Perth

Solar Power Projects Development

Sun Brilliance Group is an Australian large-scale Solar Photovoltaic Power Projects Developer and Independent Power Producer.

The Company envisaging developing several large solar projects in Australia and India as well as dealing in supplying and installing commercial rooftop power projects.

Sun Brilliance Power Pty Ltd is currently developing a 128 MWdc (100 MWac) Solar PV Project in Cunderdin, 158 km East of Perth in Western Australia.

Sun Brilliance to build Australia’s biggest solar farm

Lithium-Ion Batteries Manufacturing Plant 

Sun Brilliance Pty Ltd proposes to setting up of a Mega 40 GWh Integrated Lithium-Ion Batteries Manufacturing Facility at Kemerton in Western Australia for an estimated project cost of A$2,855 M. The rapid uptake of electric vehicles and battery-based energy storage systems across the world is driving global demand for lithium-ion batteries.

As the world’s largest producer of lithium, with mineral reserves covering 90 per cent of the elements required in lithium-ion battery chemistry, Western Australia has undeniable competitive advantages as Australia needs to move beyond traditional minerals extraction and exports into downstream manufacturing and associated industries.


Green Hydrogen & Green Ammonia Production Plants

Sun Brilliance is developing a 3100,000 TPA Green Hydrogen and 800,000 TPA Green Ammonia plant at Karratha, Western Australia for blending hydrogen gas with natural gas and export hydrogen/ammonia gases to Japan and South Korea for an estimated project cost of A$10.65 Billion.

The Project will be developed and implemented in following 3 Phases:

  • Phase 1: 77,500 TPA Green Hydrogen and 400,000 TPA Green Ammonia Plants
  • Phase 2: 77,500 TPA Green Hydrogen and 400,000 TPA Green Ammonia Plants
  • Phase 3: 155,000 TPA Green Hydrogen Plant

Hydrogen and Ammonia plants will use the power to be generated from the Solar and Wind farms.